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Louisiana Rejected Summer EBT Food Funds for Children

Advocacy on Behalf of Children Works

Louisiana’s Governor Jeff Landry has reversed the state’s previous decision to reject Summer EBT for Children. Louisiana WILL participate in the program for needy children.

05/01/2024Louisiana opts in to federal summer feeding program for children, by Johnette Magner, Louisiana Legislative Session |

Earlier …

With the USDA’s deadline for 2024 behind us, Louisiana officially rejected the Summer EBT food funds for hungry children. Louisiana’s child advocates have sought clear statements about the reason Louisiana refused to accept federal funds that would have helped feed nearly 600,000 Louisiana children.

Still, Louisiana’s decision to reject Summer EBT is not sitting well with some legislators. Stephanie Grace, staff columnist with The Advocate, describes how the Louisiana Legislature is taking a “fresh look” at the Governor’s decision to reject the federal funds for food for children: Stephanie Grace: Tide turning on summer food program.

Even after the deadline passed, advocates are keeping the issue alive through opinion pieces in Louisiana’s major newspapers. While some elected officials are considering legislation in advance of 2025 to require Louisiana’s participation, other officials report Louisiana’s plan to feed children during the summer of 2024 will be more robust and effective without the Summer EBT funds.

Despite the confusion, it seems clear that all the parties are working to ensure Louisiana’s children do not go without nutrition. While Louisiana rejected Summer EBT, no one sought to harm Louisiana’s children. We in Louisiana are all trying hard to make good things happen, but we see the hunger created by child poverty and potential solutions from different perspectives.

02/01/2024, 2:26 pm:  We have an answer regarding the question, Will Louisiana Refuse Food for Hungry Children?

01/18/2024:  Read our open letter: Will Louisiana Refuse Food for Hungry Children?

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