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on louisiana’s rank on women’s rights, child well-being, poverty, and gender parity

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These are important reports related to Louisiana’s rank among the states on women’s rights, child well-being, poverty, and gender parity among elected officials. Louisiana comes up short in all of these reports. I look forward to having opportunity to crunch some numbers and consider the correlated relationships among these rankings.

1. The Best and Worst States to Be a Woman, describes research released in October 8, 2020 by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, which ranks women’s rights and opportunities across 50 states and the District of Columbia.

2. The Annie E. Casey Foundations’ annual Kids Count report ranks the states for child well-being. “Since 1990, the KIDS COUNT index has offered a clear and concise means of tracking child well-being across states and through time.” Time? Louisiana holds a 30-year average rank of 49th, next to last. This year, Louisiana is ranked 48.

3. The World Population Review published a ranking of Poverty Rates by State. Mississippi has the highest poverty rate, Louisiana is in second place at 19.7%

4. RepresentWomen developed the Gender Parity Index (GPI) to quantify progress towards gender parity among elected and appointed officials. A Gender Parity Score and grade are calculated for each of the 50 states. Here is this year’s ranking: Gender Parity Scores of State Legislatures. Louisiana is ranked 48th.

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