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Louisiana Children and the Office of State Child Ombudsman OSCO

Updates about Louisiana Children and the Office of State Child Ombudsman OSCO and its role in the lives of Louisiana’s Children and their families.

Louisiana’s State Child Ombudsman advocates for Louisiana’s Children and is responsible for reviewing complaints regarding state services for Children, making appropriate referrals for the child and family, and advocating on behalf of the child’s best interest. The State Child Ombudsman evaluates the delivery of services by state agencies and recommends systemic reform.

In response to the work of advocates who educated state officials about the need for an objective party to hear the concerns of Louisiana’s Children and families regarding the services they receive (or do not receive but should), Louisiana created the Office of State Child Ombudsman as an independent office under the Louisiana Legislative Auditor. Retired Juvenile Judge Kathleen Richey became Louisiana’s first State Child Ombudsman and took office on October 2, 2023.

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Louisiana’s first children’s ombudsman takes office under historic role – by Perry Robinson, WAFB

Former Baton Rouge Juvenile Court Judge Kathleen Richey started her new role Monday, Oct. 2, as Louisiana’s first children’s ombudsman.

09/28/2023 Work begins early for Louisiana’s new ombudsperson on child abuse response – by Greg LaRose – Louisiana Illuminator

Retired Baton Rouge juvenile Judge Kathleen Richey begins her new job Monday as Louisiana’s first state child ombudsperson, leading an office that will review policy to promote the best interests of children and handle complaints when public and private agencies fall short.

09/27/2023 Louisiana appoints former judge as children’s ombudsman – by Andrea Gallo,

Richey will begin in the new role next week. Her appointment comes after a tumultuous year for the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services and the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice, as DCFS missed warnings about children who later died, while children in OJJ custody alleged abuse and mistreatment.


New position to oversee children under the state’s care. – by Brooke Thorington,

Governor Edwards has signed legislation to create an office to advocate on behalf of children under the care of the Department of Children and Family Services and the Office of Juvenile Justice. Bill author Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow said the Office of State Child Ombudsman will be an independent office serving under the Legislative Auditor’s Office.

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