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News Reports about Louisiana Children and DCFS

News about Louisiana Children and DCFS, the Department of Children and Family Services.

DateNews Report
04/10/2024Nine foster children sue Louisiana’s child welfare system, Andrea Gallo,

Nine foster children in Louisiana who have cycled through abusive homes and psychiatric hospitals are plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday against the state’s Department of Children and Family Services and the governor’s office, alleging that Louisiana is failing its children and violating their due process rights.

04/08/2024Auditors say DCFS solved some problems, but some accounting woes have gone on for 12 years, WBRZ Staff, WBRZ News

Louisiana state auditors say the Department of Children and Family Services tightened controls over spending in several federal programs it administers, but that for the 12th year in a row it failed too often to verify that people able to work while benefiting from the Temporary Assistance for Need Families program are actually working.

04/03/2024Louisiana children pay the price of foster care panic, Richard Wexler, Commentary, Louisiana Illuminator

Of all the children consigned to foster care in Louisiana in 2022, 90% did not involve even an allegation of sexual abuse or any form of physical abuse. In contrast, 88% involved neglect. Sometimes neglect can be extremely serious, more often it means the family is poor.

03/10/2024Editorial: The stalled turnaround at DCFS is beyond worrying, Staff Editorial | Our Views |

Meanwhile, Matlock hopes the state will finally address the agency’s chronic underfunding. He said he would need around $35 million more annually to get things on the right track. Landry’s proposed budget has an additional $4.1 million for supplemental staffing contracts.

We can’t help but wonder why our state can’t give the people trying to protect kids whatever they need to do the job and do it immediately.

01/04/2024DCFS leader defends turning down summer food aid – by Greg LaRose, Louisiana Illuminator

Through existing food aid programs, (DCFS Secretary) Matlock said Louisiana will provide 1.2 million more meals this summer and 3 million more than the summer before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The secretary touted existing programs that provide “grab-and-go” meals to those in need, instead of adding electronic benefits to debit cards. Drawing on his background of nearly three decades as a juvenile court judge, Matlock described situations where grandparents bear the cost of feeding children while parents without custody receive the benefits.

Matlock prefaced his explanation for turning down the Summer EBT resources by illustrating the extent to which his child welfare division is overworked. Based on his research, child welfare investigators nationally average 10 cases per month. In East Baton Rouge Parish, he said the caseload is 98 per investigator.

01/04/2024I-TEAM: DCFS brings facility online to prevent housing kids in hotels – by Scottie Hunter, WAFB

In many cases, when children are taken into care but do not have a place to go, some have had to stay at the DCFS office under extreme circumstances while others have had to stay in those area hotels. In fact, since March 2023, the head of the agency tells the WAFB I-TEAM roughly 150 kids who had no other options racked up 1,876 hotel stays.

01/04/2024DCFS putting a call out for foster caregivers, family support efforts – by Cali Hubbard, WAFB

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is encouraging Louisiana folk to “Be There” for families in the community by reaching out to neighbors in need of resources and support. They’re also putting a desperate call out for foster families.

10/30/2023Letters: State can do more to help addicted pregnant women | Letter to the Editor by Edward Carlson, chief executive officer, Odyssey House Louisiana, Inc. | Opinions and Editorials |

The Department of Children and Family Services once had social workers in each region of the state assessing and referring women with a substance use disorder into treatment.

10/11/2023State lawmaker requests investigation into DCFS following whistleblower’s termination – by Chris Nakamoto, WBRZ

A state lawmaker is requesting an investigation take place at the Department of Children and Family Services after an employee blew the whistle on questionable actions and was told her services were no longer needed.

10/09/2023DCFS whistleblower says she was fired after raising concerns over child safety – by Chris Nakamoto, WBRZ

A Department of Children and Family Services Child Welfare Specialist said she was terminated last week after telling higher-ups about problems she was witnessing and documented them in emails.

10/05/2023Children in foster care in Louisiana greatly outnumber certified foster parents – by Brittany Breeding | ArkLaTex In-Depth |

Right now, there are 4,000 children in foster care in the state. There are only 1,700 certified foster families. In the Shreveport area alone there are around 200 foster families and more than 400 children in the system.

07/06/2023 After WBRZ reports, watchdogs want higher authority to investigate child sex abuse cases in Livingston Parish – by Chris Nakamoto,

On the heels of another shocking case involving child sex abuse that appears to have fallen through the cracks, watchdogs are demanding that a higher authority intervene.

06/01/2023 Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services seeking foster parents for teens. – by Ana Conejo,

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services is struggling to find homes for foster teens.

“We need them to be in a stable environment with people who are able to guide them through this part of their life where they are learning to launch into adulthood,” said State Child Welfare Manager of Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services, Athena Long.

05/06/2023 A man seriously burned a young girl. It happened after multiple reports to DCFS. – by Jillian Kramer,

The cases described here are not unique. According to the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, which maintains arrest records, a dozen people remained booked in the jail this week on two of the most common charges brought against people accused of abusing children: child endangerment and second-degree cruelty to juveniles.

03/17/2023 DCFS has received 78 reports of child trafficking since Jan. 1 – by Greg LaRose, Louisiana Illuminator

In addition to the 78 cases reported since Jan. 1, Ricks said DCFS has also received additional information on nine previous child trafficking cases through its hotline.

03/08/2023 DCFS secretary notes progress in hiring child welfare workers: Agency restaffing overburdened division – Wesley Muller, Louisiana Illuminator

Secretary Terri Ricks told state lawmakers Wednesday that the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has hired 326 full-time workers since July, increasing its total staff from 3,263 to 3,589. The agency’s hiring rate has outpaced its turnover by about 72%, she said.

01/11/2023Louisiana child abuse cases soar as state agency struggles – by Andrea Gallo, The Advocate

Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services Secretary Terri Ricks told the state’s Senate Health and Welfare Committee Wednesday that most reports of child neglect or abuse received last month were of urgent enough concern that they demanded responses within 24 or 48 hours.

12/21/2022Terri Ricks named Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services – by Paula Jones, BRProud

Louisiana has a new secretary of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), as of Wednesday, Dec. 21. Gov. John Bel Edwards issued a news release Wednesday evening, stating that Terri Ricks is now officially serving in the role. Edwards also announced that Amanda Brunson has been named Assistant Secretary.

12/21/2022Terri Ricks named permanent secretary for Children and Family Services – by Greg LaRose, Louisiana Illuminator

Gov. John Bel Edwards has elevated acting Department of Children and Family Service Secretary Terri Ricks to a permanent role, his office announced Wednesday. Ricks has been holding the position since Marketa Walters stepped down last month.

12/07/2022Acting DCFS head provides more details on ‘stabilization’ plan for troubled agency – by Sam Carlin, The Advocate

A representative of the legislative auditor told lawmakers Wednesday that the survey showed workers are operating in a “state of crisis” at DCFS. Hundreds of jobs at the agency are unfilled, and the agency’s budget is just over half what it was a decade and a half ago, when Gov. Bobby Jindal took office. The survey found that only 54% of caseworkers are satisfied with their job, though that’s actually an improvement from the 34% satisfied in 2014.

11/17/2022I-TEAM: Another top leader at DCFS heads for the door amid agency controversy – by Scottie Hunter,

Rhenda Hodnett, a top leader with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has announced she plans to retire at the end of the year. This comes one week after the head of the agency, Secretary Marketa Walters, also announced a similar move.

11/13/2022Our Views: Child welfare head resigns, but her agency is stumbling, and children die – by Staff Editorial,

But we already know much of what an inquiry will find: Overworked and stressed-out child welfare officers with stacks of folders on their desks. That will require more state money and political cooperation in the last year of Edwards’ administration, and beyond.

11/07/2022I-TEAM: DCFS officials addressing latest failure in child’s overdose death – by Scottie Hunter,

The head of Louisiana’s Department of Children and Family Services (2022) calls 2022 one of the deadliest years she’s seen for children across the state.

11/07/2022 Baby’s fentanyl death after missed warnings comes amid 13% increase in child fatalities: DCFS has opened probes into 61 child deaths this year – by Andrea Gallo, The Times-Picayune | The Advocate

DCFS caseloads are soaring: The agency investigated 32% more cases over the last six months in Baton Rouge than in the same time period last year, and the number of children entering foster care in Baton Rouge is 66% higher than 2020.

11/06/2022Baton Rouge toddler dies from fentanyl overdose, multiple agencies investigating – by Allison Bruhl,

Over 400 cases where infants were exposed to substances were investigated in the last year in Baton Rouge, officials said. The agency continues to cite staffing shortages as an issue.

“The cases are mounting, and our staff is low so it’s a crisis in the number of cases and the number of people we have to respond,” said DCFS Secretary Marketa Walters. “I have been doing this for a very long time — I have never seen this number of fatalities in a single year in my career.”

She said there are 61 reported fatalities for the year as of October.

11/05/2022How did a 1-year-old die of fentanyl despite a warning? State officials give new details. – by Elyse Carmosino, The Advocate

In response to criticism from lawmakers, the agency’s leaders say they are struggling to keep up with a mounting number of cases amid chronic underfunding and a high turnover rate. But some lawmakers have called for the department’s leadership to resign or be fired.

11/05/2022ITEAM: DCFS admits to failures in handling of case prior to child’s overdose death – by Scottie Hunter,

The worker who spoke with WAFB calls these repeat failures frustrating and tells adds that morale is at an all-time low for those workers who stay and try to do the right thing.

”It’s the mindset. It’s what people think of us and for those that go out and do a very good job, of course it’s disheartening,” the worker said.

11/04/2022I-TEAM: 1-year-old dies with fentanyl in his system; DCFS worker claims negligence – by Scottie Hunter,

A worker with the Department of Children and Family Services tells the WAFB I-Team that the child has been the subject of an open investigation with the agency but that his case fell through the cracks.

11/04/2022After ‘gut-wrenching’ death of baby, some lawmakers call for child welfare leadership change – by Andrea Gallo, The Times-Picayune | The Advocate

Lawmakers and a civil rights lawyer said Friday that they are furious — and need more answers — about a 20-month-old’s fentanyl death in Baton Rouge one week after child welfare authorities were warned about his family and four months after another toddler died in similar circumstances.

10/31/2022Audit finds fault with Louisiana child abuser registry – by Wesley Muller, Louisiana Illuminator

Compared with most other states, Louisiana requires less evidence to place someone’s name on a state registry of alleged child abusers, according to a report from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

10/31/2022Louisiana audit finds several issues with state family services organization – by Victor Skinner, The Center Square

The Louisiana Legislative Auditor compared the state’s processes for the Department of Children and Family Services’ central registry to 17 other states for a recent report requested by lawmakers.

10/31/2022Louisiana has lower bar for validating child abuse claims than many states, new report finds – by Andrea Gallo, The Advocate

Louisiana’s bar for validating child abuse allegations is lower than those in more than a dozen other states, according to a Monday report from the legislative auditor’s office.

10/21/2022Senator Fred Mills on Louisiana’s Child Welfare Crisis and Department of Children and Family ServicesDiscover Lafayette

Senator Mills reports that DCFS came up with 15 bullet points on ways the agency can improve its functioning. The Senators want a detailed plan and a timeline as to what DCFS hopes to accomplish. The question Senator Mills raised was, “Do you have the skill set to make the proposed changes and why did it take these two catastrophes to bring about these changes?”

10/21/2022DCFS to hire 50 nurses to perform home visit for infants exposed to drugs while their mothers were pregnant – by Brooke Thorington, Baton Rouge /

The Department of Children and Family Services plans to hire 50 nurses to make home visits to infants who were exposed to substance abuse by their mothers while pregnant. DCFS Secretary Marketa Garner Walters said five years ago the department was ordered to come into compliance with follow-up visits for those infants.

10/21/2022Toddler deaths prompt changes for Louisiana’s child welfare agency – by Wesley Muller,

Sen. J. Rogers Pope, R-Denham Springs, said the problems at DCFS problem has to do with staffing — not money.

“If money is going to solve this problem, I think that we can find the money,” Pope said. “But money’s not going to solve that problem… We could give you all the money that you wanted, you still couldn’t fill those spots.”

10/20/2022DCFS, Lawmakers ‘set record straight’ on department funding, tackle policy changes and hiring – by Raychelle Riley,

The Senate committee wanted to set the record straight. Contrary to popular belief that the agency is extremely underfunded, the department’s secretary and lawmakers say otherwise.

“You’ve been funded for everything you’re doing, we funded you for,” stated State Sen. Beth Mizell (R).

“All of those things have been funded and we appreciate that and we acknowledge that,” added Walters.

10/20/2022DCFS says progress being made but worries continue – By Rob Masson,

A Louisiana lawmaker says it might be time to break up the state’s Department of Children and Family Services after several child death cases which appear to have slipped through the cracks. The agency says it is making progress under a new strategic plan, but many still worry.

10/20/2022Louisiana is flush with cash. Why is child welfare still ‘woefully underfunded’? – by Andrea Gallo, The Times-Picayune | The Advocate

Over the last five years, it’s taken Louisiana an average of 127 hours to open a child welfare investigation after receiving a report of abuse or neglect, according to federal data. The response time is far lower in other Gulf Coast states, including Mississippi and Alabama, which have mean response times of 39 hours and 55 hours, respectively. Nationally, Louisiana ranked among the slowest in the nation for its response times in 2020 — the most recent year of data.

10/20/2022Louisiana is adding nurses to its child welfare ranks as agency faces calls for reform – by Andrea Gallo, The Times-Picayune | The Advocate

Amid a raging opioid epidemic and mounting investigations into child abuse and neglect in Louisiana, state officials announced Thursday that they plan to hire 50 nurses to help make home visits to families whose infants were exposed to substances in utero.

Department of Children and Family Services Secretary Marketa Garner Walters told state lawmakers Thursday that her agency has hired 11 nurses so far, and that 11 more are in the onboarding process. The new hires, who will be paid $80 per hour, already have been assigned almost 100 cases among them, she said during a Senate Health and Welfare Oversight Committee meeting.

10/13/2022DCFS Announces Hiring Fairs Statewide This

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services is hosting hiring fairs this fall for open positions throughout the state in its Child Welfare and Family Support divisions.

Those interested in attending are encouraged to register on the DCFS website ahead of the events.

Opportunities available include:
Administrative Coordinator
Child Welfare Specialist Trainee
Child Welfare Specialist 1-3
Social Services Analyst 1-3 for Economic Stability
Social Services Analyst 1-3 for Child Support Enforcement
Workforce Development Specialist 1-3

Registration link, along with full descriptions of open positions, will be available at Positions vary by location.

10/13/2022Louisiana’s foster care system in need of more foster families – by Dawson Damico,

DCFS Secretary Marketa Walters told News 10 that the biggest need the foster system is looking to improve is more foster parents.

“Covid did a number on our foster parents,” Walters said. “We lost a lot of them. People were afraid. When foster parents take children into their homes, they really do not know much about them. They do not know where they came from. There was disease. There was so much fear.”

08/21/2022How alarming is Louisiana’s child welfare crisis? 3 numbers that show how kids are suffering. – Andrea Gallo, The Times-Picayune | The Advocate
08/21/2022These children died after unheeded warnings. Is Louisiana failing its most vulnerable? The Department of Child and Family Services is in crisis. The consequences are deadly. – Andrea Gallo, The Times-Picayune | The Advocate
08/20/2022Louisiana lawmakers call for changes to family services agency after toddler’s overdose death. – Victor Skinner, The Ouachita Citizen
08/08/2022Dept. of Children and Family Services facing tough questions after child’s death” – Ariel Salk,

The Senate Select Committee on Women and Children grilled the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) after several children fell between the cracks of the system.

08/08/2022State to require immediate visits to kids under 3 hospitalized with abuse, neglect concerns: After toddler’s overdose death, DCFS will check in on hospitalized children – Andrea Gallo, The Advocate

Days after a Baton Rouge mother was arrested in a case involving her toddler overdosing on fentanyl and dying, the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services announced Monday that its caseworkers will immediately visit young children who are hospitalized under suspicion of abuse or neglect.

03/17/2022Louisiana’s child welfare agency struggles under ‘crippling’ caseloads, turnovers: ‘We’re drowning’ – Blake Paterson, The Advocate

Faced with skyrocketing caseloads and meager salaries, almost half of the frontline, entry-level social service workers at DCFS quit last year, hampering Louisiana’s ability to care for its most vulnerable residents at a time of unprecedented need.

07/06/2021Inspired by ‘youth stories,’ a bill of rights for foster kids is now Louisiana law. – Blake Paterson, The Advocate
05/30/2018Former foster kids make impassioned pleas for legislative support for improvements in state systemThe Advocate, Elizabeth Crisp
03/01/2018Louisiana sees 77 percent rise in juvenile human, Amber Smith
10/17/2017New Safe Haven Set to Reduce Newborn AbandonmentKEDM

The state Department of Children and Family Services has posted an online mapping tool called Safe Haven Facility Locator in an effort to prevent newborn abandonment. Child Protective Services Program Manager Mona Michelli says a mother can visit to find a place where they can give up a child less than 60 days old.

08/24/2017Beauregard Parish Needs More Foster Homes” – Beauregard Daily News, Chris Schoonover
08/23/2017North Shore woman ‘stores’ hope for foster, Karen Baker
05/30/2017Foster children need special help at 18The American Press
05/18/2017Study shows alarming impact of opioid epidemic on babies born into addiction – by Elizabeth Vowell,
05/03/2017Reduced funding, low salaries put state’s most vulnerable children at riskLouisiana Budget Project
05/02/2017Shortage of foster homes – by Britney Glaser, Anchor,
04/12/2017Take the time to help protect a child – by James E. Stewart Sr., letter to the editor, The Shreveport Times
04/04/2017Organization raises money for child abuse prevention – by Jordan Legendre, Daily Comet
02/14/2017Offering a Valentine for Louisiana Children Facing the System Alone – by Gina Womack, Ebony
12/12/2016Family services agency looking for help at the local level – by Miranda Klein, The Town Talk
12/11/2016Analysis: Social services agency struggles under budget cuts – by Melinda Deslatte, Associated Press
11/23/2016Kids in Crisis: Human trafficking victims ending up in state’s care – by Kimberly Curth, FOX8 WVUE,
11/21/2016Kids in Crisis: Number of babies born to mothers on drugs skyrockets in Louisiana – by Kimberly Curth, FOX8 WVUE,
11/16/2016Kids in Crisis: What happens after foster care? – by Kimberly Curth, FOX8 WVUE,
11/11/2016Kids in Crisis: Budget cuts leave DCFS scrambling to protect the most vulnerable – FOX8 WVUE, Kimberly Curth
08/19/2016NEW LBP REPORT: Fund diversions erode Louisiana’s safety net, leave needy children vulnerable – Louisiana Budget Project
08/08/2016Louisiana is Putting Children Behind Other GoalsThe Advocate, Editorial
07/05/2016How caring adults save teens in foster care[225] Magazine, Jennifer Tormo
07/02/2016The Jindal effect takes a huge toll at DCFSFOX8, WVUE, Lee Zurik
12/10/2015Edwards announces Children and Family Services
11/13/2015Thousands of Louisiana children in desperate need of foster parents, state saysThe Times-Picayunne, Michelle Hunter
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