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louisiana: 30 years of kids count headlines

kids count headlines
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I have gathered a list – a collection of Kid Count headlines – and I will update it because it provides a decades-long mirror into which we in Louisiana can gaze and see how our children have fared. The headlines are from news articles about Louisiana’s Kids Count ranking for child well-being.

This may be obvious, but it is important to note: Nothing about this collection is new news. This is a 30-year news story that grows older, but absolutely current each year.

The sample headlines in this short list are from among the 100’s of news articles published between 1991 and 2020 in Louisiana newspapers reporting on Louisiana’s annual rank on the Annie E. Casey Kids Count report. For 30 years, Louisiana has held the average rank of 49th in the nation when ranked for child well-being. This will not change until Louisiana’s children become a priority of Louisiana’s leaders.

Fund the future: State must prove kids do count
The Poor Kids: Children pay a high price for poverty
La. ranks worst in child poverty
Leading Indicators: Children’s poverty costs us in more ways than one
Report: State ranked 49th, Louisiana among worst for helping its children
Kids at risk. Report: many La. Children face poor odds from start
Blight takes the bloom out of Louisiana youth
Study: ‘At risk’ children, families keep increasing
La. Child poverty rate is 2nd in U.S.: Idle teenager percentage tops nation
La. Children: Odds against them
Study: Children in danger in state
La. life hard on kids: State ranks 49th in child quality of life
50th in the nation: Louisiana behind in caring for children
Kids count last in Louisiana
Kids Count: Have mercy on state’s children
Kid Stats: La. worst among states in children’s well-being
Study: Louisiana worst state to be a child
Child welfare improvements fall short
Louisiana’s children fight the odds
Louisiana’s children suffer: state ranks 50th in child well-being
Children: Despite improvements, state still trails nation
Study: La. lags in child health care
Study paints bleak picture for children
Children in Louisiana still deserve better
Study: State ranks 49th, Well-being of children still major concern
LA’s at 49 and holding: Do children count?
State among worst in nation for children affected by poverty
Fighting against all odds: Report shows Louisiana tops list of children living in poverty
La. 49th in child well-being
Report: State’s children face challenges
Kids Count data point finger at state
Time to say, ‘Enough!’
Mississippi only state below Louisiana in child well-being study
Estimated 29% of Acadia children living in poverty
Report: For kids, Louisiana is trouble
Louisiana ranks at bottom for child welfare
La. ranks 49th in children’s wellbeing
Louisiana ranks 49th nationwide in child welfare survey
State improves in annual kids survey, but economic issues still a hurdle for many
Report: Economic well-being of kids slips
Louisiana’s kids are worse off than those in 46 other states, report says
Louisiana is at the bottom of another list: Child poverty numbers called ‘disturbing’
State among worst places to be a child
La. Almost last in Kids Count 2015
More children in poverty now than during recession
Louisiana near bottom in Kids Count 2015
Report: Louisiana’s youth too poor, too sickly, well-being of kids is among worst in US
‘Family values state’ that doesn’t value families? Kids Count ranking reveals Louisiana’s challenges, some bright spots
One in four Louisiana kids live in poverty
Without Pre-K, Louisiana children start off at a disadvantage
Louisiana remains one of the worst states for child well-being
Louisiana ranked 49th in child welfare

Here’s the bibliography proper:

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