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Summer EBT – Don’t Leave Hungry Children on the Sidelines

On the Friday before Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl weekend, Louisiana’s Department of Children and Family Services released a statement regarding the decision of two Louisiana governors to refuse Summer EBT funds for our state’s hungriest children.

“Every child deserves a safe home, first and foremost, and families deserve a pathway to self-sufficiency. That is our primary mission,” said DCFS Secretary David Matlock. “Staying focused on that mission, without adding piecemeal programs that come with more strings than long-term solutions, is what will deliver the biggest impact for the children and families we serve.”
From Louisiana Will Not Participate in Summer EBT | Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services, February 9, 2024.

Louisiana, the state ranked next to last for child poverty, and without the child well-being infrastructure to address it, cannot afford to turn away any assistance for hungry children.

Gubernatorial administrations may wish to play the long game, but they only win if they take care of the fundamentals from beginning to end. Yes, Louisiana, play the long game to help every family create a “pathway to self-sufficiency,” but do not leave hungry children on the sidelines.

Rick Wheat
Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services

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