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on covid-19 and child care providers in louisiana

COVID-19 and child care providers
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Here are a few recent articles you may find interesting, related to COVID-19 and child care providers in Louisiana …

1. Child care providers and families face increased costs as state reopens, experts say “After 70% of Louisiana’s child care centers closed by the end of April due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many now are reopening as the businesses face higher costs due to necessary safety measures and reduced class sizes.”

2. The importance of child care in Louisiana and the upcoming election cannot be overstated. “The Louisiana Policy Institute for Children want you to know: With the election coming up, it’s critical to make your voice heard so that candidates for office at every level of government know just how important it is for them to support high-quality early care and education.”

3. Louisiana to award $11M in federal funding to child care providers. “The Louisiana Department of Education announced on Thursday it will award $11 million in federal funding to child care providers for support during the COVID-19 pandemic” through “The Louisiana Child Care Assistance Provider (LaCAP) relief grant … designed to help child care providers offset the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic … including balances from the inability of some CCAP parents to pay out-of-pocket costs.”

4. Guest column: Child care workers deserve their due points out “The COVID-19 pandemic has starkly underlined an undeniable truth: Child care is the invisible backbone of our society. Just ask anyone who has been trying to work and parent at the same time for the last seven months.”

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