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Child well-being basics: louisiana legislature struggles

Every parent has heard it from the back seat, “Are we there yet?”

No. We are not there yet.

Louisiana is still working to gather the pieces for a sound foundation upon which we might create a healthy environment for our Children.

This coming Thursday, our House of Representatives will take up State Rep. Stephanie Hilferty’s House Bill 649, which made it through the Education Committee without objection. If passed, HB649 will ban corporal punishment in Louisiana public schools.

A similar effort by Rep. Hilferty was unsuccessful last year, but this year who knows. Perhaps Louisiana will take another step forward.

Here’s why this is important. In Louisiana, corporal punishment is not only spanking. Currently, LA Rev Stat § 17:416.1 allows “hitting, paddling, striking, spanking, slapping, or any other physical force that causes pain or physical discomfort”.

So … twist an ear, smack with a ruler, poke with a pencil eraser, if it causes “pain or physical discomfort” it is permitted until Louisiana’s legislature passes HB649.

More Info: Our Views: When it comes to paddling in public schools, where’s the upside?

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