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Louisiana’s Children Need Strong Advocates

Louisiana’s Children need strong advocates. Louisiana’s children, who have no voice, no political sway, and no authority, need YOU on their side, working to make Louisiana a better place for children!

Essential:  Louisiana Needs an Ombudsman for Children

Louisiana's Children need strong advocatesLouisiana lacks what most states have, an objective state official to hear, resolve, and report on the complaints of children and parents related to state services for children. We do not have an Office of Children’s Ombuds.

Not having access to an Ombuds for children makes Louisiana harder for all of us – parents, grandparents, relative caregivers, foster caregivers, and especially, our children. If you have a complaint about the services your child receives (or does not receive) from a Louisiana state office or department, there is no state official appointed to hear you and help you resolve your grievance. No office or person hears Louisiana’s concerns and reports the official findings to the Legislature and the public.

1.  Download our new advocacy paper:  Louisiana Requires an Office of Children’s Ombuds.

2.  See the Quick Explainer InfographicWhy Louisiana Requires an Office of Children’s Ombuds.

3.  Read our open letter to the Louisiana Senate’s Health and Welfare Committee regarding Louisiana’s need for an Office of Children’s Ombuds.

4.  Read the one page, The Louisiana Legislature is Active on Children’s Bills, but Louisiana Ranks Poorly on Child Well-being. Would an Office of Children’s Ombudsman Help?

5.  Check out the FAQs about Children’s Ombuds for answers to your questions!

Louisiana has no impartial, independent official or office that is responsible for hearing grievances related to children’s services, ensuring complaints are resolved, and reporting on them to the public, the Legislature, and the Governor. To the point, Louisiana lacks a fundamental element of infrastructure required to improve child well-being: an Office of Children’s Ombuds.

As systems fail to protect children or even passively allow harm, Louisiana must find a way to hear the complaints, resolve the grievances, and transparently report on the findings of a Louisiana Office of Children’s Ombuds.

In Louisiana Requires an Office of Children’s Ombuds we propose that Louisiana create an Office of Children’s Ombuds to hear the grievances of children and families, resolve their complaints, and report publicly regarding findings and opportunities to improve Louisiana’s services for children.

Learn More: Office of Children’s Ombuds

Louisiana’s Children Need Strong Advocates

Join us! If you would like to stay on top of the effort to persuade Louisiana’s Legislature and Governor to create an Office of Children’s Ombuds, share your contact information with us. You will receive periodic updates about the movement to create a Louisiana Office of Children’s Ombuds.

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